Ablative and Non-Ablative combination laser used to cause microscopic injury to skin, forcing skin to revover and grow new skin cells for smoother softer youthful skin. 2-4 treatments spaced 8-12 weeks apart are recomennded.

Price: $800 – $2,600

HydraFacial MD

Serum infused vaccum assisted Microdermabrasion that sloughs off the top laer of dry dead skin, revealing youthful clean and hydrated skin. HydraFacial is an hour long, relaxing, and is customized for your specific skin care needs. Also great for acne skin.

Price: $125

It’s That Time of Year to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

SunscreenAccording to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Take steps during the summer (and all year) to ensure that you’re not part of that 20 percent. The AAD has developed a flyer to help you understand sunscreen terminology and help choose the right sunscreen for you. Take a look HERE.



Electronic Brachytherapy

Esteya1Electronic Brachytherapy gives patients a gentle, non-invasive alternative to surgery for treating certain skin cancers.

Electronic brachytherapy places a radiation source directly at the cancerous lesion on the surface of the skin, to destroy the cancer cells while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue. This is an effective method for treating non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), including basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), particularly for cases involving a highly visible, functionally sensitive or challenging area.

Messenger Dermatology is a division of Compass Healthcare. Our Compass Cancer Center utilizes the Esteya® Electronic Brachytherapy system to provide a targeted, yet gentle treatment: precise high does radiation to the cancerous site, minimized radiation to healthy tissue, and a reduced chance of scarring. Because the treatment is short and gentle, patients can expect minimal or no recovery time and may return to their normal daily routine quickly.

Esteya is especially beneficial in treating cosmetically challenging areas, such as the face and scalp, and for areas prone to wound closure problems, such as the shin and hand cialis 20mg andorre. Esteya may also be the preferred option for patients whom surgery presents a high intra-operative or post-operative risk of complications.

Genesis Diagnostics Lab

The Genesis Diagnostic Laboratory provides the physicians of Messenger Dermatology with rapid biopsy results cherche cialis acheter. We offer full general and pediatric dermatopathology services and slide preparation.

Dermatology visits often result in a skin biopsy. A biopsy is a sampling of a growth or rash. The sample consists of a small piece of skin, usually 3-6 millimeters. A wealth of information can be gleaned from such a small piece of skin.

When it comes to your biopsy, we understand that time, privacy and accuracy are of the utmost importance. We are pleased to have our own in-house dermatopathology laboratory for processing biopsies, allowing for immediate interaction between the pathologist and your dermatologist. This provides you with a faster turn-around time for results.


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A Division of Compass Health

Messenger Dermatology is now a Division of Compass Health!

The area’s leading physicians have come together for your health

Welcome to a new direction in health care.

Physician leaders in the Lansing area have come together to form Compass Health—a multi-specialty medical group committed to preserving the physician/patient relationship in today’s health care landscape cialis acheter ligne.

At Compass Health, providing the care you need is the focus of everything we do.

The physicians and staff of Compass Health provide leading-edge patient-centered care across a range of medical specialties.

Narrowband Ultraviolet Light Therapy

UVB Phototherapy is a treatment for skin eruptions using artificial ultraviolet light. The initials UVB stand for the type B ultraviolet, the middle energy between the tanning rays (UVA) and the intense germicidal UVC. UVB rays are the part of sunlight that gives one sunburn. Carefully controlled, it is an extremely effective tool for significant skin disease.

UVB has been a standard therapy in hospitals and clinics since it’s invention at the Mayo Clinic in the 1920s. UVB is the treatment of choice for people with moderately bad psoriasis (covering 20 percent or more of their body) who have not responded to topical ointments. UVB is also used for severe cases of eczema and itching from any cause acheter cialis internet.

UVB improves skin diseases because the immune cells of the skin, overactive in many skin diseases, are shut down by UVB. The effect of UVB is similar to sunlight. Excessive exposure causes premature aging of the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. There are guidelines as to how many times UVB can be done safely.