Permanent Laser Hair Reduction

We use the Motus Alex laser which is a painless, safe for all skin types, and is the most powerful on the market. The laser beam targets the pigment in the bulb on the hair (located under the skin), heating it up to the point of destruction. The laser focuses on the pigment in in the bulb of the hair, so only dark colored hair can be treated ( No grey, white, blonde, or red hair). The human body produces many active cycles of hair growth, to achieve permanent hair reduction, 6-10 treatments are required, and are spaced out based on the area being treated. Tanned by sun, tanning beds or sunless tanning creams and sprays cannot be treated and will cause a burn. Patients should refrain from all the above exposure for at least 4 weeks prior to treatments.

Price: Is quoted per area, discounts are given if package is purchased.